3 Ways To Quickly Chill
A Bottle Of Wine


3 Ways To Quickly Chill<br>A Bottle Of Wine
When company is coming and you don't have a bottle in the fridge use these tricks to cool down your wine in a hurry! An additional tip? Wine Rack stores keep a variety of chilled bottles available all the time! Next time you are at one of our stores and in a rush, ask our staff if they have a cold bottle in stock! 
Frozen Grape Method
Use frozen grapes to chill your wine quickly without changing the flavour of the wine! This trick works best for individual glasses of wine rather than chilling the entire bottle. Pour the wine into glasses and pop in 2-3 frozen grapes. The fruit's skin keeps much of the water sealed inside the grape so that it wont dilute the wine as the grape melts. Grapes don't pass much flavour through the skin so you dont have to worry about your wine tasting different after you've chilled it... but just to be sure this may not be a trick you want to use on the most prized bottle in your cellar! 
Paper Towel Wrap Method
Wrapping your bottle in damp paper towel and placing it in the freezer for 15-20 minutes can significantly decrease the wine's temperature. Simply get a few sheets of absorbent paper towel and dunk them in cold water. Wrap the wet paper towels around the bottle and place it in the freezer until it is chilled. But make sure you remember you've placed your bottle in the freezer! If forgotten, wine can freeze if it gets cold enough and the expansion can put a lot of pressure on the cork and the glass. 
Salted Ice Bath Method
Use a galvanized bucket (or even a large kitchen pot) to cool down multiple bottles in about 15 minutes. First place your bottles of wine in the bucket and arrange them so they have an equal amount of space between them. Fill the bucket with ice and salted cold water (3-4 tablespoons of salt). Adding the salt will lower the freezing point of the water. Giving the bottles an occasional stir in the salted ice bath will help speed up the chilling process.

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