The Official Sparkling Wines of Summer

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The Official Sparkling Wines of Summer

The Official Sparkling Wines of Summer

In our humble opinion, sparkling wine isn’t just for celebrating. Why not open a bottle of bubbly when friends come over or during a casual summer barbecue. Another reason to opt for sparkling wine this summer? We’re glad you asked. Food! Sparkling wine is one of the most versatile wines, which makes wine and food pairing such a dream. From seafood and spice to sweet and savoury snacks, like rich cheeses and classic potato chips, the possibilities for a perfect match are endless.  

At Wine Rack, your friendly Ontario wine retailer, we take pride in offering a fantastic selection of sparkling wines produced right here in Ontario. Now you can discover the OFFICIAL sparkling wines of summer – all in one place: Wine Rack! In this blog, we have a sip-worthy list that is sure to add sparkle to any occasion this season.

Saintly Heavensent: Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Rosé 

This lively and invigorating zero** alcohol sparkling rosé delivers a delightful burst of freshness. With its beautiful aromas of raspberry, strawberry, and delicate floral hints, this non-alcoholic rosé is the perfect addition for weekend picnics or leisurely brunches with friends. Relish the fine bubbles and smooth palate, all harmoniously balanced by a crisp acidity that will leave you craving another sip.

Sandbanks Sparkling Secco: Bubbly & Locally Grown - Coming Soon!

Subtle sparkling bubbles are complemented with delicate notes of green apple, juicy peach, and mandarin orange. The palate on this beautiful, locally grown sparkling is zesty and concentrated, with fleshy peach and lime zest dominating the finish. The effervescence is perfectly balanced, providing a crisp, refreshing experience that lingers on the palate. Enjoy it chilled to fully appreciate its vibrant character and the harmonious blend of fruit and zest.

Jackson-Triggs Reserve Sparkling Moscato: Lush & Fruity

Experience the lush and fruity flavours of Jackson-Triggs Reserve Sparkling Moscato. Bursting with tropical, floral, and citrus aromas, this sparkling wine is both intense and expressive. The palate is lush and flavourful with delicate effervescence. It offers a balanced sweetness, crisp acidity, and a smooth, lengthy finish with flavours of lively citrus fruits, juicy pineapple, and ripe peach. 

Saintly Sparkling Minis: Small Bottle, Big Flavour 

You can experience the perfect balance of dry, fresh, and fruity. Saintly the good sparkling and Saintly the good sparkling rosé are also available in a convenient mini! These premium single-serve bottles (200mL) pair perfectly with an array of cheeses, cured meats, and fresh fruits for a delectable combination. They’re ideal for gifting, party favours, and sipping well-chilled on a beautiful summer evening with friends.

BASK Lightly Sparkling Rosé

Introducing BASK's newest sensation: Lightly Sparkling Rosé! They have taken their dry and fruity rosé and added a sparkling twist that’s perfect for summertime and lighter sipping occasions. With a gentle fizz and delicate hints of red pear, watermelon, caramel, and honey, plus a touch of spice, it's the ultimate refreshment for summer soirées, poolside lounging, and al fresco dining.

Saintly the good sparkling

Experience the divine taste of Saintly the good sparkling – dry and fruity perfection. This sparkling wine has wonderful aromas of citrus, peach, pear, and delicate floral notes. The palate is clean and crisp with a delicate yet rich body. Whether you're toasting to special occasions, sharing moments with loved ones, or pairing with your favourite summer dishes like grilled seafood, fresh salads, or decadent desserts, Saintly is the sparkling wine that elevates every sip into an exquisite celebration of summer. 

Pop, Sip, Clink This Summer

Bottle of Sandbanks Sparkling Secco.

Although opening a bottle of sparkling wine might seem straightforward, mastering the technique ensures a safe and enjoyable experience. If you need a little guidance, here’s a quick step-by-step direction on how to open a bottle of sparkling wine. In just 4 easy steps, you’ll be popping bottles like an expert:

  1. Cut the Foil: First things first, let's get that bottle ready to shine. Take a close look at the foil covering the cork. You'll notice a cage securing it in place. Grab a foil cutter or a sharp knife, cut below the cage all the way around, and remove the foil. This step not only exposes the cork but also sets the stage for the grand opening.
  2. Loosen the Cage: Now, it's time to cup the cork with your palm as you twist the tab to loosen the cage. Be gentle but firm – you’ll want to loosen the cage, not remove it entirely as it provides extra grip. Here's a nifty tip: Using a towel to cover the cage can provide additional grip and prevent any accidental slipping. Safety first!
  3. Angled Approach: With the cage loosened, it's showtime. Angle the bottle away from you – safety first, remember? Hold the cork with one hand while gently turning the base of the bottle with the other. Apply downward pressure on the cork as it starts to pop out. This technique helps avoid excessive spraying and keeps the excitement contained. 
  4. Maintain the Grip: Once the cork is partially out, don't let go just yet. Maintain a firm grip on the cork and continue to twist the bottle gently until the cork is fully released. Voilà! You've successfully opened a bottle of sparkling wine. You're practically a magician now. 

Tips for Enjoying Sparkling Wine

Now that you’re opening bottles like a pro, let’s make sure you’re savouring sparkling wine to the fullest with these easy tips to elevate the experience. From the ideal temperature to proper glassware, follow these pointers to make every celebration sparkle. 

Chill Properly: Make sure your sparkling wine is well-chilled before serving. The ideal temperature is between 45°F and 50°F. You can achieve this by placing the bottle in an ice bucket for about 20 minutes or refrigerating it for a few hours. 

Use the Right Glassware: While traditional champagne flutes are popular, a white wine glass can also work well. The wider bowl allows the aromas to develop and the bubbles to be more expressive. 

Pair with Food: Sparkling wine pairs wonderfully with a variety of foods. Try it with seafood, spicy dishes, rich cheeses, or even simple snacks like potato chips. The acidity and bubbles can enhance the flavours of your food and cleanse your palate.

Shop Sparkling Wines at Wine Rack

Four pack of saintly the good sparkling rose minis.

With a diverse array of flavours and styles, sparkling wines cater to a variety of taste preferences, making them a perfect addition to any summer occasion. Ready to find your new favourite sparkling wine? Visit us in-store today to explore the Official Sparkling Wines of Summer – a selection of top sparklers to elevate your everyday moments. Whether you're planning a laid-back gathering, a beautiful brunch, or just looking to enjoy a glass of bubbles, we have the perfect wine for you.  

At Wine Rack, we understand the importance of accessibility. With over 160 locations across Ontario, convenient hours, and a wide online selection, you can easily find some of the best sparkling wines Ontario has to offer, including favourites from Jackson-Triggs and Sandbanks. So, the next time you raise a glass in a Friday toast or milestone moment, consider exploring a sparkling wine produced locally in Ontario. Cheers to a sparkling summer!

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