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Meet Vintage Ink: Unique Wines with Unconstrained Expression

Vintage Ink Wild White 2018 wine bottle on table with wine lover reading a book.

Your inspiration to try something new is here with Vintage Ink!  

Crafted using winemaking techniques that defy tradition, being original is what Vintage Ink is all about. It’s in the distinct character and flavours found in their wines. It’s the adventurous people who create them and the stories told through the captivating labels on each wine bottle. It’s the unique people who enjoy Vintage Ink. The ones who challenge conventions and who dare to be different.  

Six Vintage Ink Favourites to Sip This Season

Have you tried a Vintage Ink wine yet? From the artistic, hand-illustrated label to the deliciously unique wine inside, each bottle tells a unique story not to be missed. Here are 6 Vintage Ink favourites worth exploring: 

Vintage Ink Rebel Red VQA has a deliciously unique taste that pairs with bold personalities and the confidence to be authentically you.​ A rich blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon with intense cherry, blackcurrant, and spice aromas. The palate is elegantly balanced with fruity flavours, soft tannins, and a lingering finish. 

For a distinct flavour that challenges tradition, try the velvety taste of Vintage Ink Whisky Barrel Aged Red VQA. Full of ripe plums, dark blackberries, vanilla, and mocha aromas. The palate offers ripe dark fruits and hints of spice with a rich undertone of smoky vanilla oak that pairs with artistic and creative breakthroughs. 

The name says it all: Wicked White! An unconventional blend of Gewürztraminer, Pinot Grigio, and Viognier, this refreshing wine makes its own rules with an unexpectedly divine taste that can only be Vintage Ink Wicked White VQA.​ Packed with lush tropical fruit, juicy pear, and a crisp honeysuckle finish, pair a glass with an exciting new chapter, like purchasing your first home to getting that much-deserved promotion at work.  

Vintage Ink Pink Ink VQA pairs with going with the flow and living in the moment! Pink Ink is a nod to all the free spirits, the wanderers, and the dreamers. This off-dry rosé explodes with layers of strawberry, raspberry, and a hint of watermelon. It is well-balanced with a crisp and refreshing finish, perfect for celebrating the everyday or lounging under the sun.  

Vintage Ink Rum Barrel Aged Chardonnay VQA is a medium-bodied white that begins with crisp green apple notes and continues into notes of citrus. As the taste adventures continues, creamy butterscotch and hints of vanilla with oak unfold on the finish. Pairs with letting go and seeing what happens! So, whether you’re trying new cuisine, booking an impromptu trip, or dancing in the rain, it's about savouring moments of spontaneity.  

A celebration of the unexpected represents the final Vintage Ink wine. Pair Vintage Ink Tequila Barrel Aged Sauvignon Blanc VQA with new traditions in your life. Think monthly book clubs, experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, or adding date nights to your weekly routine. Relish in flavours of passion fruit, pineapple, and coconut on the palate with an elevated mouthfeel from the tequila barrels. 

Wherever you decide to begin your Vintage Ink journey, each wine offers a unique place to start. You can find these 6 favourites at Wine Rack stores or on our website. Shop now!

Vintage Ink in Your Glass or This Halloween-Inspired Cocktail

By the glass or in an elevated cocktail, Vintage Ink is always a treat. And with Halloween around the corner, why not elevate your celebrations with a “spooky” cocktail?  

Traditionally, a Manhattan combines whisky, vermouth, and bitters, but not everyone has vermouth on hand, which is great news for this rendition of a classic! In this twist, we’ve added red wine instead of vermouth. With flavours of ripe plums, dark fruit, and hints of smoky vanilla, Vintage Ink Whisky Barrel Aged Red is a great choice for this wine-infused Manhattan! 

Wine and Cocktail lover showcasing the Vintage Ink Manhattan using Vintage Ink Whiskey Barrel Aged Red Wine.

Vintage Ink Manhattan 


  • 2 oz Rye Whisky  
  • 1 oz Vintage Ink Whisky Barrel Aged Red VQA 
  • ¼ oz cherry juice
  • Cherry to garnish


     1. Fill a shaker with ice and add the whisky, wine, and cherry juice. 

     2. Shake well and strain into a coupe glass. 

     3. Garnish with a cherry and enjoy! 

Wine Rack: Your Go-To Destination for Vintage Ink & More 

For those who seek out the extraordinary, who cherish uniqueness, and who believe that every glass of wine is a story waiting to be told, Vintage Ink brings a distinct flavour that dares to be different. From uniquely expressive red wines to unconventional blends, Vintage Ink makes its own rules that challenge traditional winemaking. Deliciously different on purpose, Vintage Ink wines choose to stand out. The hand-illustrated labels are more than mere designs, they're a representation of the passion, creativity, and uniqueness that goes into every bottle. 

At Wine Rack, your Ontario wine retailer, you can find a large assortment of local and premium VQA wines from Ontario tailored to any taste. And if you're searching for something truly unique, look no further than our Vintage Ink collection. Among its offerings are six distinctive wines, from intriguing blends to bottles aged with French and American oak. So, whether you're a fan of red wine, white wine, or rosé wine, Wine Rack has you covered.  

Beyond our impressive collection of New World wines, Wine Rack stands out for its convenience with over 160 locations around Ontario making us easy to find. If you prefer to shop from the comforts of home, enjoy online wine shopping and wine delivery for added convenience. Other great in-store perks include our amazing staff of local wine experts who are there to guide you and offer helpful wine recommendations anytime you visit. We’re a big believer in being able to “try before you buy,” so you’ll find select Wine Rack locations offering in-store samples featuring select wines.  

Since select Wine Rack locations are open late, this makes any last-minute or late-night wine shopping a breeze! And for those long weekends or holidays, you can rest assured as select Wine Rack stores remain open, ensuring you're never without that perfect bottle for any occasion or celebration. With a Wine Rack near you, celebrating with a glass of your favourite wine has never been easier.

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