Bodacious has a full flavoured, fruity taste profile, but is confidently smooth and easy-drinking.

The Bodacious attitude is a mindset shift - It’s a feeling that boldly reveals who you truly are. It’s a freeing attitude that expresses your unconventional self in all its colourful facets. It’s a boldness that fights the current convention when everyone is trying to fit in.

No fear, no apologies. We believe there is a bodacious personality deep down in all of us.

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Bodacious finds a perfect partner in Shiseido

The partnership of Bodacious x Shiseido draws inspiration from the bold act of swiping on lipstick in the mirror, seeking to inspire Canadians to love themselves fiercely and unapologetically. The collaboration features the winner of Canada’s Drag Race, Priyanka, helping this vision come to life.

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