Moscato 101: Wine Styles, Pairings, & More

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Moscato 101: Wine Styles, Pairings, & More

A bottle of Bodacious Moscato.

When we think of Moscato, our minds automatically think sweet. While Moscato can be sweet, there’s an entire family of Muscat varieties. Fun fact: Muscat Blanc is one of the oldest wine grapes in the world! Muscat wines are brimming with perfumed aromas. Expect wonderful flavours of mandarin orange, pear, Meyer lemon, orange blossom, and honeysuckle in the profile.  

Beyond the classic sweet Moscato, you’ll find a range of styles including pink, still, and sparkling varieties, each offering something special for wine enthusiasts.  

Moscato Wine Styles

Since Muscat grapes have been around for thousands of years, you’ll find these grapes growing all over the world. From France and Italy to Australia and even in a few Canadian regions. In the provinces of Ontario, Nova Scotia, and British Columbia, Muscat and Muscat hybrids are grown. Each region brings a unique style to the beloved Muscat grape. Interested in discovering which style you prefer? Find out more below. 

Pink Moscato 

This style features the classic flavours of Moscato you know, enhanced with the addition of juicy strawberries. Primarily made using Muscat grapes, a small amount of Merlot is added, giving it a beautiful pink hue. Ideal for sipping on a beautiful summer day or a festive occasion, Pink Moscato is a favourite for those who appreciate a hint of berry flavour in their wine. 

Still Moscato 

Just as the name expresses, this style of Moscato is flat, not sparkling. It’s produced with Muscat Blanc and other Muscat varieties. Although the aromatics might come across as fruity and sweet, these wines are on the dry side. The surprising contrast between aroma and taste keeps your palate guessing.  

Sparkling Moscato 

Aromatic, fruity, and bubbly, sparkling Moscato styles are perfect for celebratory moments, leisurely brunches, and for pairing with appetizers and desserts. The sweetness is balanced by a zippy acidity and a clean, crisp finish, making it a refreshing choice for whatever you’ve got planned.  

Moscato Food Pairings

A bottle of Jackson-Triggs Reserve Sparkling.

Spice. Spice. Spice. Moscato is the ultimate wine pairing for your favourite spicy Thai, Indian, and Vietnamese dishes. Its slightly elevated sweetness and lower alcohol levels make it a perfect match for cooling down cuisines with a kick.  

If spice isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other options Moscato pairs beautifully with. Think succulent chicken and duck to tender pork tenderloin and delicate, flaky fish. Moscato's versatility shines through for a delightful range of easy snacks, whether it be a savoury cheese plate of medium to firm cheeses like Gouda, Gruyere, and cheddar or a sweet treat like caramel corn.

Discover Ontario Moscato

Bodacious Moscato 

Fresh, lush, and fruity, this Moscato from Bodacious is lightly effervescent and exotically aromatic in style. Forward aromas and flavours of peach, quince, and orange blossom leap from the glass. On the palate, it's soft and medium sweet with a refreshing finish. Perfect on its own and when paired with spicy dishes or fruit-based desserts. 

Jackson-Triggs Reserve Sparkling Moscato VQA

This Jackson-Triggs Sparkling Moscato is intense and expressive, bursting with tropical, floral, and citrus aromas. The palate is lush and flavourful with a delicate effervescence. Full and balanced with a defined sweetness and crisp, fresh acidity, it’s a fruit-forward sparkling wine with lively citrus fruits, juicy pineapple and ripe peach and a smooth finish. 

Angels Gate Muscato VQA 

A classic-style Muscato with citrus and tree fruit characteristics enhanced by wonderful floral notes. Your taste buds will be treated to a slightly sweeter finish as there is more residual sugar, making it a delightful choice for those who prefer a touch of sweetness in their wine.  

Bodacious Moscato Rosé 

Lucious, spritzy, and fruity, this Bodacious Moscato Rosé has perfumed aromas and flavours of red berries, pink grapefruit, and watermelon with notes of fresh bread. The palate is fruit-forward and sweet with bright acidity that keeps the wine fresh and balanced. Perfect for sipping this rosé season.

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A bottle of Bodacious Rose.

With its rich history and perfumed aromas, Moscato offers something for any wine lover. Whether you prefer the sparkling effervescence of a bubbly Moscato or the delicate sweetness of a still variety, there’s a Moscato out there for you. Perfect for pairing with a range of foods, especially spicy dishes, Moscato is a versatile and enjoyable choice.  

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