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Riesling 101: Fun Facts & Aromatic Sips

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As the weather warms up, our taste buds naturally gravitate towards a crisp and refreshing sip, making white wine the perfect choice. Did you know that it takes a whopping 75 grapes to create just one glass of white wine? That's a lot of grape power packed into every sip! 

White wine comes in a delightful array of styles, each reflecting the unique characteristics of where and how the grapes are grown. From light-bodied and dry to herbaceous, bold, and sweet, there's a white wine out there to suit any palate. 

Join us on a delightful journey as we explore the world of white wine, with a special focus on the crowd-pleasing Riesling since March 13 is International Riesling Day.  

Fun Facts About White Wine

White wine, with its crisp acidity, vibrant aromas, and refreshing taste, holds a special place in the hearts of wine enthusiasts around the globe. Generally, white wine grapes are used to produce white wine. When red grapes are used, they are pressed immediately and without maceration to avoid changing the wine’s colour. Unlike red wines, which lose their colour as they age, white wines darken due to oxidation.

Another fun fact is that white wine tends to be less tannic and has lower alcohol content compared to red wine. This makes it a perfect choice for those looking for a lighter and more refreshing beverage option.

When it comes to serving white wine, temperature matters. Lighter in colour and style white wines like Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc are best served chilled at temperatures ranging from 3 to 7°C. On the other hand, more complex and full-bodied whites like Chardonnay shine when served at temperatures between 7 to 12°C.

Ready for Riesling?

A glass of Sandbanks Riesling being poured.

Now, let's spotlight one of the most beloved white wine varietals – Riesling. Our home of Canada is famous for its Rieslings. Other makers include Germany, Australia, France, and the U.S.​ Celebrated for its versatility, complexity, aromatics, and food-friendliness, Riesling wines skillfully capture the distinct terroir of their region and vineyard. 

Rieslings can range from bone-dry to lusciously sweet, with each style offering unique charm and character. As a guide, the sweeter the Riesling, the lower the alcohol. If it's below 9% ABV, assume it’s a sweet sip.​ Riesling has an incredibly aromatic profile, which can include notes of zesty citrus, apple, stone fruits, delicate florals, and even a hint of petrol – a characteristic often associated with the finest expressions of the varietal.  

When it comes to food pairings, Riesling is incredibly versatile. A sweet Riesling pairs beautifully with spicy dishes, thanks to its residual sugar that can help balance out the heat. On the other hand, a dry Riesling shines alongside fare like duck or turkey with stuffing, where its acidity can cut through the richness of the dish.  

At Wine Rack, we're proud to offer an extensive selection of Rieslings and Riesling blends. Whether you prefer the crisp acidity of a dry Riesling or the concentrated fruit flavours of a sweet Riesling, our team of knowledgeable local wine experts is here to guide you in discovering the perfect bottle to suit your palate.  

Let us introduce you to a few standout options from our shelves: 

Sandbanks Riesling: This refreshing wine delights with fresh-cut lime and mineral flavours, offering a lovely balance of ripe fruit and acidity that makes it the perfect pairing for a sunny afternoon. 

Inniskillin Reserve Riesling: For those seeking something more concentrated and complex, look no further than this Inniskillin gem. Bursting with citrus, tropical fruit, and peach aromas and flavours that are sure to leave a lasting impression. 

Kew Vineyards Old Vine Riesling: This Riesling showcases notes of fresh citrus, bright acidity, and a hint of petrol that adds intrigue and depth to every sip. It's a true testament to the quality and character of Niagara's terroir. 

Inniskillin Late Autumn Riesling: With its beautifully aromatic profile and flavours of green apple and lemon-lime, this late-harvest Riesling is a sweet indulgence that pairs perfectly with dessert or simply enjoyed on its own as a delightful treat. 

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Shop Wine Rack for Your White Wine List

A bottle of Inniskillin Late Autumn Riesling.

As you embark on your journey of exploration and discovery through the world of white wine, let Wine Rack be your go-to destination. Wine Rack has over 160 locations across Ontario and a wide selection of quality wines at an affordable price, including an impressive array of white wines for you to sip and savour this season. Do you prefer the convenience of online shopping? No problem! Wine Rack has you covered with online ordering and delivery options, so you can shop from the comfort of your own home.  

Finding your new white wine favourite has never been easier! Whether you're in the mood for something light and refreshing or bold and complex, our Riesling selection has something for any palate. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are on hand to offer personalized recommendations, answer questions you may have, and help you navigate our extensive selection with ease. At Wine Rack, you can explore with confidence knowing that each bottle has been carefully selected to deliver an exceptional tasting experience. 

So what are you waiting for? Spring into your nearest Wine Rack for cool and refreshing white wines, including fantastic cool-climate Rieslings. With our commitment to quality, unparalleled selection, and friendly service, Wine Rack is your ultimate destination for all things wine. Cheers to the joys of learning something new and discovering new white wine favourites at Wine Rack! 

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