Give Your Game Night Chili a Flavourful Twist

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Give Your Game Night Chili a Flavourful Twist

A bottle of Jackson-Triggs Reserve Meritage being served with chili.

Game nights are all about bonding over some friendly competition, cheering for your favourite team, and indulging in comfort food, like a hearty bowl of chili. To spice things up, why not elevate your go-to recipe with a delicious twist?  

We've got some fantastic tips to add excitement to your bowl, making it the star of your game night menu.

Make it Vegetarian

For those seeking a meat-free alternative that doesn't compromise on flavour or texture, consider making your chili vegetarian. Double down on your combination of beans, such as black, pinto, and cannellini, to create a protein-packed base. Add a meaty texture with sweet potatoes and portobello mushrooms. 

The sweet potatoes bring a natural sweetness, while the portobello mushrooms provide a robust umami flavour. Combined with the medley of beans, this vegetarian chili will have everyone asking for seconds. 

Add Red to the Recipe

Take your chili to the next level by incorporating a splash of fruity, full-bodied red wine. Not only does this add depth and complexity, but it also infuses a touch of elegance into your game night feast. Jackson-Triggs Reserve Meritage and Inniskillin Baco Noir are excellent choices to complement the richness of your chili and for sipping too of course! 

As the wine simmers with the other ingredients, it creates a sumptuous fusion of comfort and culinary delight. The nuanced notes of the red wine subtly enhance the spices, elevating the overall taste of your dish. 

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Stir in Chocolate

The ultimate secret ingredient for intensifying flavours for chili enthusiasts: Chocolate. Adding a bit of dark or bittersweet chocolate to your simmering pot of chili is a game-changer. The chocolate doesn't make the chili sweet; instead, it brings out the flavours of chilies and spices, creating a harmonious balance. Cocoa powder works too!​ 

Whether you choose chunks of dark chocolate or a sprinkle of cocoa powder, the result is a complex and luxurious chili that tantalizes the taste buds. Your guests will be left wondering about the magical ingredient that raised the bar on your chili-making skills.  

Top with Fixings

It's time to take the customization up a notch with a plethora of toppings. Set up a chili bar with options like tortilla chips, grated sharp cheddar, sour cream, cornbread, salsa, guacamole, hot peppers, and lime wedges. Let your guests unleash their creativity as they pile on their favourite toppings. 

The crunchy texture of tortilla chips contrasts with the creamy goodness of sour cream, while the heat from hot peppers and the freshness of lime wedges cut through the richness of the chili. With endless topping possibilities, each bowl becomes a personalized masterpiece. 

The Perfect Game Night Cocktail: Kalimotxo

No game night is complete without the perfect beverage to bring everything together. Say hello to the Kalimotxo, a simple and satisfying wine cocktail rooted in 1920s Spain. Pronounced "cal-ee-mo-cho," this two-ingredient drink blends one-part red wine with one-part cola, finished with a squeeze of lemon to keep things fresh. 

A Kalimotxo cocktail made with Bodacious Smooth Red.

Easy to prepare, the Kalimotxo is often enjoyed on its own, and can also be paired with food. The combination of red wine and cola creates a harmonious balance of sweetness and effervescence, making it the ideal companion for game nights and good company. The cola is a good mixer as it helps to soften the tannins in red wine, making it more palatable, and can bring out the fruit flavours in wine. 

Shop Wine Rack for Your Game Nights

With these creative twists, your game night chili will become a culinary sensation, leaving your guests thoroughly satisfied. From the meaty texture of sweet potatoes and portobello mushrooms to the richness of red wine and chocolate, each element contributes to a bowl of comfort that's anything but ordinary. Top off your game night with an array of fixings and a refreshing Kalimotxo, and you've got a game-night spread that's sure to score a touchdown with your friends and family.  

At Wine Rack, you can stock up on some of Ontario’s finest offerings. Our extensive collection of local wines caters to any palate, whether you lean towards a robust Meritage, a bold Baco Noir, or an easy-sipping Pinot Noir. With the help of our local wine experts, finding the perfect bottle is a breeze. You can visit one of our over 160 locations in Ontario or shop online for added convenience and wine delivery. With select Wine Rack stores open late, even on long weekends, you can rely on us for all your wine needs. 

So, gear up for a night of fun, food, and fantastic flavours – your upgraded game night chili awaits! 

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