How to Pour Wine for Beginners

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How to Pour Wine for Beginners

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Hello, dear readers!  

Bet you never thought you needed a lesson in pouring wine? Well, you're in for a surprising revelation because today, we're talking about the art of pouring wine. As the saying goes: Practice makes perfect! 

Knowing how to pour wine properly can enhance your wine-drinking experience. Whether you're new to the world of wine or just looking to refine your skills, this blog spotlights the “dos” and “don’ts” of pouring wine. By the end of this how-to guide, you will be a wine-pouring pro! 

The Dos and Don'ts of Wine Pouring

Do: Tilt the Bottle 

To pour all wines except sparkling, start by tilting the bottle until the lip is about an inch above the center of the glass. This gentle angle allows for a smooth and controlled pour, ensuring that the wine flows gracefully into your glass. 

Don't: Touch the Rim 

While pouring, make sure you avoid touching the rim of the glass with the bottle. The rim is a sensitive area, and you risk chipping the glass if the bottle contacts it. It's essential to handle your glassware with care to maintain its integrity and prevent accidents. 

Do: The Half Twist 

After you've poured your wine, give the bottle a half twist with your wrist, then pull the bottle up and away. This graceful maneuver prevents any drips or spills and adds a touch of elegance to your pour. 

Don't: Overfill the Glass 

A common mistake for beginners is to fill the glass to the brim. To fully appreciate the wine's aromas and allow for proper aeration, leave a couple of inches of space at the top of the glass. This empty space allows you to swirl the wine gently, releasing its bouquet and enhancing your tasting experience. 

Do: A 45° Angle for Sparkling 

When pouring sparkling wine, use a different technique. Tilt the glass toward the bottle at a 45-degree angle and lower the bottle to about 90 degrees. This angle helps minimize the bubbles' effervescence, preventing an overly foamy pour. 

Don't: Hold the Bottle's Neck 

When pouring any type of wine, avoid holding the bottle by its neck. This grip offers less control, which can lead to spills or a less refined pour. Instead, always hold the bottle by its base for optimal control and stability. 

Seasoning the Glass

Now that you have a good grasp of the “dos” and “don'ts,” let's take it up a notch with a useful technique known as "seasoning the glass." This handy technique involves pouring an ounce of wine into your glass and swirling it around gently. Tilt the glass to coat the entire inside surface with wine.  

Why do this? It serves an essential purpose by helping to remove any soap residue that might be lingering from washing your glassware, which can affect the taste of your wine. After you've coated the inside of each glass, pour out the wine. You can use the same ounce of wine to season multiple glasses. This way, you waste very little, and each glass is perfectly seasoned for the wine you’ll be sipping and enjoying. 

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 A group of women enjoying a glass of wine at a winery.

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Cheers to your wine-pouring journey! 

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