Spring into Seasonal Wines, Pairings, & Cocktails

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Spring into Seasonal Wines, Pairings, & Cocktails

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Spring has arrived, and with it comes the promise of warmer weather, blossoming flowers, and enjoying the outdoors. As we prep for backyard barbecues, dining al fresco, and serious patio downtime, it’s also a time for spring cleaning and gardening.  

To help you spring into the season, Wine Rack is here with tasty wine recommendations, food-and-wine pairing ideas, and a recipe roundup full of fresh flavours, ensuring your springtime experience is nothing short of magical.

Perfect Wine & Food Pairings for Spring

A bottle of Saintly wine with charcuterie.

It’s official – Spring is here. As the temperatures rise and the days get longer, getting outdoors as much as possible, especially to dine, is a must! Whether you’re inviting friends to join, toasting to a special occasion, or blissfully enjoying the sunshine, there’s a wine to suit the occasion, the activity, and the foods you love. Here are some perfect food and wine pairings to try this season: 

White Blend + Open-Faced Sandwiches 

Spring is the perfect time to savour crisp and refreshing white wines that pair beautifully with the season's lighter fare. A great white wine blend brings together the best of different grapes. The result is an easy-sipping wine layered with flavour, just the right dry-to-sweet balance, and a crisp acidity. Pair zesty and refreshing white blends with lighter meats and creamy cheeses, like an open-faced sandwich with grilled chicken, gouda or Havarti cheese, and some peppery arugula – the perfect little lunch. 

Cabernet Sauvignon + Grilled Steak

Taste flavours of blackberry, black cherry and plum in this red wine classic. It’s a big, rich, and full-bodied red wine, so expect satisfying tannins and acidity as part of the wine-loving experience. Cabernet Sauvignon is the perfect pairing with succulent grilled steaks. With juicy black fruit notes, tannins, and acidity, this varietal offers a wonderful contrast that balances the meatiness and fattiness in a cut of beef. 

Baco Noir + Barbecued Burgers 

Expect a complex mix of dark berries, herbs, spice, leather and even smoke in this dry red wine varietal, which was developed to thrive in North America. It pours a deep purple with refreshing acidity and low tannins – that means it’s one smooth sipper. Pair this earthy and fruit-forward red with juicy barbequed hamburgers. The acidity in this varietal makes it very versatile, so have fun with a variety of toppings: Tomato slices, bacon, ketchup, and any melted cheese you like! 

Sparkling Wine + Grilled Halloumi 

Sparkling wine comes in a wide range of styles, from dry and crisp to off-dry, fruity, and floral. It has typical flavours of citrus, apple, vanilla, toast, and nuttiness. With its crisp acidity and effervescent bubbles, there’s truly a versatile bubbly for any cuisine, occasion, and palate. The sweetness and bubbles in a glass of sparkling wine are a great match for balancing out a salty dish, like a grilled piece of halloumi cheese over a fresh bed of greens. 

Rosé Wine + Hummus & Pita 

Colour-wise, rosé runs from pale blush to salmon pink because of its contact with grape skins which gives it the rosy hue. Ranging from dry to slightly sweet (off-dry), there’s a food-friendly rosé to suit a variety of dishes and taste preferences. A great happy hour snack with rosé? A healthy bowl of hummus with pita chips. Try classic garlic or beet-style hummus with a medium-bodied rosé for a deliciously light pairing that won’t spoil your dinner. 

Sauvignon Blanc + Pasta & Herbs 

This light-bodied wine is a true fan favourite with typical flavours of lime and grapefruit, melon, and peach, plus its signature “green” grassiness. Bright and crisp, it suits herb-loving dishes, from chicken to pasta and everything in between. Crisp and fruity, this crowd-pleaser’s green and grassy notes make it the perfect choice alongside herbaceous plates of pasta, like pesto with basil, as it complements the delicious fresh flavours in this dish. 

Pinot Noir + Grilled Salmon 

This dry and light to medium-bodied red wine is known for complex earthy flavours in combination with juicy red fruits such as cherry and strawberry. When aged in oak, it takes on notes of vanilla and baking spices. Extremely food-friendly, Pinot Noir stands up perfectly to the bold flavours and textures of salmon. Specifically, a light-bodied Pinot Noir is the perfect fit as a heavier red would be too overpowering for this grilled fish. 

Pinot Grigio + Goat Cheese Salad 

Also known as Pinot Gris in France, this light-bodied dry white is known for its signature flavours of citrus, melon, nectarine, and peach. It’s a refreshing match served icy-cool with a wide variety of light-hearted dishes. Super crisp and fresh, Pinot Grigio pairs best with light dishes and flavours. Think spring salads bursting with juicy bits of fruit and tangy goat cheese, topped with a vinaigrette dressing. 

Chardonnay + Seafood 

When aged in oak, this full-bodied white wine delivers creamy, rich buttery aromas and flavours alongside apple, pear, mango, and pineapple. Unaged, you’ll appreciate its fruit and mineral notes, which partner well with fish and seafood. This iconic varietal is also a spot-on choice to enjoy with a cheeseboard. More aged Chardonnays suit bolder cheeses, while lean and fruity styles are perfect with creamier cheeses like Camembert. 

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Refreshing Springtime Cocktail Recipes 

A bottle of Bask Sauvignon Blanc with a cocktail.

Doing a deep clean of your house, a decluttering of your garage, or rearranging your basement can leave you feeling organized and super satisfied. It’s a great way to destress while you purge the things you no longer use. Savour a refreshing sip of white wine as you tidy up or reward yourself with your favourite wine-based cocktail after a job well done. 

Sweet, crisp, minty, and sparkling, this Spring Mojito is a wine-loving twist on a classic Mojito cocktail. It’s sure to be your new go-to for the start of patio season, family barbecues, and backyard get-togethers. For a gorgeous pop of colour and lively freshness, try a Spring Spritz – a popular Italian-style cocktail that’s springtime in a glass!  

The Paloma has earned its place as a timeless cocktail. But we love putting a twist on tradition so we're swapping out the typical grapefruit juice for Growers Grapefruit Pomelo cider. You can recreate this wonderfully refreshing Nouveau Paloma Cocktail at home for a tart, fruit-forward, and sparkling sipper that’s perfect for sunny spring days.  

Toast to year-round sangria with this fizzy red wine cocktail! Opt for the seasonal fresh fruit you have on hand or go frozen, which keeps your wine cool. The lively berry character of Cabernet Sauvignon brings everything together beautifully in this Single-Serve Sangria. The addition of liqueur adds even more flavour to this delicious wine-based cocktail. 

Spring into Wine Rack for Seasonal Favourites 

A picnic with a bottle of Sandbanks Baco Noir.

As we embrace the beauty and warmth of spring, there's no better time to stock up on your favourite wines, refreshments, and ciders. With Wine Rack, you can explore a wide selection of springtime beverages, from crisp whites to light-bodied reds and everything in between, at one of our over 160 locations in Ontario. Plus, with online shopping and wine delivery available, it's easier than ever to enjoy all your favourite wines from the comfort of your home.  

So why not spring into Wine Rack today and elevate your springtime celebrations and occasions with seasonal favourites. Cheers to a season filled with fresh flavours, delicious pairings, recipes, and unforgettable moments with friends and family! 

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