Backyard Patio Drinks

Cheers to Patio Season!

Sun, sip, repeat! Whether you’re enjoying a solo moment lounging under an umbrella or planning a get together with friends, pair your backyard oasis with the perfect bottle of wine or a refreshing wine cocktail, like a rosé wine spritzer, a delicious red or white sangria garnished with fresh fruit.

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There’s a Wine for Every Occasion

It’s official – Spring is here. How ever you’re welcoming the warm-weather season, there’s a wine to suit the occasion, the activity and the foods you love!

Cabernet Sauvignon

Taste flavours of blackberry, black cherry and plum in this red wine classic. This is a big, rich, full-bodied red wine, so expect satisfying tannins and acidity as part of the wine-loving experience.

Baco Noir

Expect a complex mix of dark berry, herbs, spice, leather and even smoke in this dry red wine varietal, which was developed to thrive in North America. It pours a deep purple with refreshing acidity and low tannins – that mean’s it’s one smooth sipper.


When aged in oak, this full-bodied white wine delivers creamy, rich buttery aromas and flavours alongside apple, pear, mango and pineapple. Unaged, you’ll appreciate it’s fruit and mineral notes, which partner well with fish and seafood.


Sparkling wine comes in a wide range of styles, from dry and crisp to off-dry, fruity and floral. Its typical flavours – citrus, apple, vanilla, toast and nuttiness – also mean there’s a bubbly for every occasion, palate and personality.

Great Wine, Great Food!

Happy hour spent on a backyard patio is always a welcomed occasion! Whether you’re inviting friends to join, toasting to a special occasion, or enjoying the warm sunshine, backyard hangs are a spring must! Here are some perfect food and wine pairings to try:


Rosé + Hummus

A great happy hour snack? A healthy bowl of hummus with pita chips! Try classic garlic or a beet-style hummus with a medium-bodied rosé for a deliciously light pairing that won’t spoil your dinner.

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 spring rolls

Riesling + Spring Rolls

Riesling in Spring is always a fantastic idea! Pair this light-bodied varietal with a light, fresh and slightly spicy dish, like Vietnamese spring rolls. For a sweet pairing, mini tarts and cupcakes are a dream with Riesling.

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 prosciutto with melon

Sparkling + Prosciutto with Melon

Sweet and salty - what a combination! A glass of bubbly with a plate of prosciutto and melon is the perfect leisurely snack. Sparkling wines with a hint of sweetness will complement the dry-cured ham.

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Red Blend + Pizza

Who doesn’t love a cheesy pizza? Red Blend wines make the perfect pairing as they have enough acidity to stand-up to the tomato sauce as well as the tannins help to cleanse your palate.

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Tips & Tricks

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    A seat for everyone

    Whether you’re having an intimate get-together or a backyard bash, each guest should have a seat or comfy place to perch. Group chairs together with a small table between to hold drinks, and long benches can add additional seating.

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    Bring the bar outside!

    Self-serve drinks in a cooler are handy as it frees up the host and keeps guests from going in and out. Add a pop-up tiki bar or a DIY table with wine options, non-alcoholic beverages, garnishes, outdoor glassware, and ice!

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    Don’t forget the little extras

    Little details go a long way! A welcome cocktail when your friends arrive, bright table settings or a centrepiece make the whole experience memorable. Some other great options are yard games, like ring toss or cornhole, and a basket or bucket filled with essentials: bug spray, sunscreen, and easy snacks.

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    Prepare a refreshing cocktail

    Make a red, white, or rosé wine spritzer, add ice and fruit then put it into a pitcher or a beverage dispenser so it’s ready to go! When the weather gets hot, try homemade sparkling wine popsicles.

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    Make it pretty

    Bring in potted containers overflowing with mixtures of flowers or herbs – it’s the perfect solution for balconies or small yards when there’s little to no garden space. Plants add colour and ambiance to your outdoor seating area, making it super inviting for guests.

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