Spring Gardening

Spring Gardening
Dirty Hands, Beautiful Gardens.

Planting now for spring means you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labour (literally) come summertime! As you garden, make sure to stop, smell, and taste the Rosé, or take a break from potting fresh herbs, vegetables, and flowers to enjoy your favourite varietal, from Sauvignon Blanc to Pinot Noir!

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There’s a Wine for Every Occasion

It’s official – Spring is here. How ever you’re welcoming the warm-weather season, there’s a wine to suit the occasion, the activity and the foods you love!

Vintage Ink CDA Wild White VQA

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White Blend

A great white-wine blend lies in its ability to bring together the best of different grapes. The result is an easy-sipping wine that is layered with flavour and that offers just the right dry-to-sweet balance, plus crisp acidity. The definition of a crowd-pleaser!


Rosé is a genre of wine like red or white, and colour wise, it runs from pale blush to salmon pink (FYI, it’s contact with grape skins that gives the rosy hue.) Ranging from dry to slightly sweet (off-dry), there’s a rosé to suit every taste, occasion and personality.

Pinot Noir

This dry and light to medium-bodied red wine is known for complex earthy flavours in combination with juicy red fruits such as cherry and strawberry. When aged in oak, it takes on notes of vanilla and baking spices. Food friendly!


This light-bodied wine is a true fan favourite with typical flavours of lime and grapefruit, melon and peach, plus its signature “green” grassiness. Bright and crisp, it suits herb-loving dishes, from chicken to pasta and everything in-between.

Great Wine, Great Food!

The weather is warming up and that means gardening season is underway! Whether you’re busy pruning, sprucing up your yard, or dividing your perennials, you’re guaranteed to work up an appetite with this outdoor activity. Here are some perfect food and wine pairings to try:

 open-faced sandwiches

White blend +
Open-Faced Sandwiches

Zesty and refreshing, white blends pair best with lighter meats and creamy cheeses, like an open faced sandwich with grilled chicken, gouda or Havarti cheese, and some peppery arugula - the perfect little lunch!

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 spring salad

Rosé + Spring Salads

Juicy fruit in a spring salad adds pops of colour and mouthfuls of flavour. The acidity in this fresh, delicate varietal is a flawless match for the tanginess in goat cheese.

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 grilled salmon

Pinot Noir + Grilled Salmon

Pinot Noir stands up perfectly to the bold flavours and textures of salmon. Specifically, a light-bodied Pinot Noir is the perfect fit as a heavier red would be too overpowering for this grilled fish.

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 veggies and dip

Sauvignon Blanc + Veggies & Dip

Weekends were made for sipping and dipping! The crisp acidity in Sauvignon Blanc is a popular pairing with goat cheese dip as it matches the acidity of this cheese for a fresh and invigorating combo.

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Tips & Tricks

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    Prep and repair

    Before you start gardening, take stock of what needs repairing after a long winter. This is the time to level stepping stones, clean out your gutters, fix fences, decks, sheds, and raised beds.

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    Get things in order

    Do a cleanup of dead leaves and flower beds, make room for new plants, cut back last year’s foliage, prune shrubs, and remove protective winter mulch. Maintaining good hygiene in your garden beds will also help keep pests and diseases at bay.

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    Take inventory

    After a cleanup, look around your garden and assess if any plants need to be moved or removed. Dividing your perennials is a budget-friendly way to fill in your garden and it will help keep your existing perennials healthy.

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    Freshen up

    Make your garden look super polished by removing the winter mulch around perennials and adding a fresh layer of mulch to garden beds. Key benefits: it helps the soil maintain moisture and keeps weeds from sprouting.

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    Make a planting plan

    Know what you’re planting and start as soon as the ground isn’t frozen. New trees, perennials, and shrubs; cool-season vegetables then warm season veggies mid-spring. Adding container gardening will make your garden come alive before your perennials start to bloom.

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