Dining Al Fresco

Dining Al Fresco
Sip, Grill, Chill, Repeat!

With the warmer weather, getting outdoors as much as possible, especially to dine, is a must! Complete your perfect barbecue spread with a great selection of wine, from a celebratory sip of Sparkling to a versatile Pinot Noir. Invite your friends and toast to many more unforgettable moments ahead.

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There’s a Wine for Every Occasion

It’s official – Spring is here. How ever you’re welcoming the warm-weather season, there’s a wine to suit the occasion, the activity and the foods you love!

Cabernet Sauvignon

Taste flavours of blackberry, black cherry and plum in this red wine classic. This is a big, rich, full-bodied red wine, so expect satisfying tannins and acidity as part of the wine-loving experience.

Baco Noir

Expect a complex mix of dark berry, herbs, spice, leather and even smoke in this dry red wine varietal, which was developed to thrive in North America. It pours a deep purple with refreshing acidity and low tannins – that mean’s it’s one smooth sipper.


When aged in oak, this full-bodied white wine delivers creamy, rich buttery aromas and flavours alongside apple, pear, mango and pineapple. Unaged, you’ll appreciate it’s fruit and mineral notes, which partner well with fish and seafood.


Sparkling wine comes in a wide range of styles, from dry and crisp to off-dry, fruity and floral. Its typical flavours – citrus, apple, vanilla, toast and nuttiness – also mean there’s a bubbly for every occasion, palate and personality.

Great Wine, Great Food!

The weather is warming up and that means barbecue season is in full swing! Pour a glass of wine as you grill up all your favourites, from steak and seafood to chicken and veg. Here are some perfect food and wine pairings to try:

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Cabernet Sauvignon + Grilled Steak

The perfect pairing with succulent grilled steaks? Cabernet Sauvignon! With juicy black fruit notes, tannins, and acidity, this varietal offers a wonderful contrast that balances the meatiness and fattiness in a cut of beef.

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Baco Noir + Barbecue Burgers

Pair this earthy and fruit-forward red with juicy barbequed hamburgers. The acidity in this varietal makes it very versatile, so have fun with a variety of toppings: tomato slices, bacon, ketchup, and any melted cheese you like!

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Chardonnay + Seafood

Smooth and buttery, Chardonnay pairs perfectly with fish, clams, and mussels. The richness in this varietal works so well with the fattiness in a beautiful and flavourful piece of salmon.

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Sparkling + Grilled Halloumi & Spring Salads

The sweetness and bubbles in a sparkling wine are a great match for balancing out a salty dish, like a grilled piece of halloumi cheese over a fresh bed of greens.

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Tips & Tricks

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    Built for the outdoors!

    Outdoor tablecloths are essential for easy cleaning and hiding imperfections. Dishes and glasses made of durable materials, like melamine, are handy, especially when it comes to avoiding having to clean up broken glass on the patio.

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    Rain or shine, cover it up!

    Every outdoor setting should have coverage that provides shade, privacy, and protection from the elements. A large umbrella, patio cover, canopy, or pergola will help keep your guests, wine, and food at a comfortable temperature.

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    Set the mood with lighting

    Lighting is a wonderful way to light up your space while adding ambiance. For tables under trees, hang string lights in the branches for a lovely and whimsical twinkle. In your gazebo, curtain lights will add a nice warm glow.

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    Keep it cozy when it’s cool

    Make your outdoor space super cozy by adding pillows and warm blankets. Invest in some outdoor heaters to extend your patio season into the early spring months, fall, even winter. More happy hours outside, how fun!

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    Create ambiance with music

    A great playlist can really set the stage for a fun dining experience. Connect your phone to a portable speaker for some quick tunes or go that extra mile and set up a portable turntable with a line-up of classics.

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